What to Love about Travelling?

It’s Valentine’s Day so people are talking about love everywhere I look.

Last night, my husband and I decided we would make a point of not celebrating. First of all, it should be Valentine’s Day all the days that two people who love each other are together. It is rather sad if you have to wait for the whole year to get one day to celebrate love. Besides, is Valentine’s Day not another made-up day so people buy more? We are in favour of consuming less, so yeah, February 14th is just another day. 

When on the topic of love, though, I thought about our passion for travel. Around this time last year, we started to put all our possession into a storage and on March 1st, we flew away from our love nest in Amsterdam, starting a vagabond adventure. 

Since then, we have travelled around Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, and England. Sometimes we stayed at one place for a month or two, then we moved on. We are digital nomads, vagabonds or gypsies depending on whom we talk to. 

Our parents dropped hints of disapproval now and then. Our friends thought we were not being serious with our life. We, on the other hand, agreed that we had the year of our life, but sometimes it’s just hard to explain to others why we’ve chosen to be repeatedly on the road. 

Of all days, I thought today gives a good excuse to share why we love travelling and what is great about it. For us, travelling is about eating amazing food and getting in touch with nature, which is the ideal time to celebrate life and to appreciate the people in our life. Most importantly, travelling teaches us to be tolerant with different ways of living, to be flexible when plans crumble, to be wise on the road and to be kind to strangers. Those are what we take back with us, to a place that we would call home one day. 

Happy Another Day in Love, everyone & here's a little fun thing for those who love to travel! 

Why Traveling Is great

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